воскресенье, 20 июля 2014 г.


We had a very interesting lesson last time.We talked about computers.It is my favourite topic.We also discussed how computers can be helpful for our education or our health.I also think that computers must be used in Armenian Schools. Then we started to speak about ancient cities like EL Dorado,Atlantis,SHambala and Tikal.Those were also cosidered the most famous lost cities in the world. 

среда, 16 июля 2014 г.


On the last time our lesson was called Lost Cities.It is very good topic for me.Then we listen very interesting section of the world history.

вторник, 1 июля 2014 г.

Hi it is my first message!

Today we have a very funny lesson.We  had a competition where our team won.We must remember words which we learned at last lessons.It was very funny.